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Online Borrowers:

Switch from borrowing with the ‘other guys’ and SAVE 50% OFF your loan fees!* 

Here is how you qualify for 50% OFF your next loan:

1. You are a NEW customer to Speedy Cash, or you haven’t borrowed with us in the last 60 days.

2. You have been borrowing with the ‘other guys’ and can prove this with a bank statement or receipt. Borrowing with another payday lender should have been within the last 60 days.

3. You must qualify for a loan based on standard Speedy Cash lending policies.

*View official promotion rules here

Refer your friends, and we’ll give you $25 CASH!

Here is how to earn your $25.00 CASH fast*:

1. You must be a Speedy Cash customer in good status, with no outstanding loans.

2. Refer a new customer to any Speedy Cash branch. Ask your friend to provide your name to a Customer Service Representative prior to taking out the loan.

3. Your friend must qualify for, and take out, a payday loan with us.

4. Once your friend has borrowed with us, reach back out to us and we’ll offer you $25 cash!

5. Keep referring more friends, because there is no limit! Just think, 4 friends = $100.00 CASH in your pocket!


Has it been a while since you’ve visited Speedy Cash? Come back to re-borrow with Speedy Cash and receive 25% OFF your next loan!

How do you qualify for 25% OFF your next loan?***

1. You have borrowed with Speedy Cash in the past, and remain in Good Standing.

2. You have not had an active loan with Speedy Cash for more than 45 calendar days.

3. You must qualify for a loan based on Speedy Cash lending policy.

*** This offer is not valid in the province of Alberta. 

*,**,*** Please ask your Online Customer Service Representative for further details.