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Apply from Anywhere with a Faxless Loan

When was the last time you used a fax machine? It’s probably been a while. With ease and speed of internet connectivity, fax machines are becoming extinct in the modern world.

If you need cash quick and thinking of a short-term loan, you should know that today’s leading lenders now provide no-fax payday loans, also known as cash advances. As you might expect, a faxless payday loan or cash advance doesn’t require you to send documentation via fax. Instead, you fill out a hassle-free online application that is simple and quick to complete. Any documents we require can easily be scanned or emailed.

Once approved, this kind of short-term loan is usually paid back within your next pay period. A faxless payday loan or cash advance is great to help pay bills that have due dates coming sooner than your next paycheque or taking care of unexpected emergencies or repairs.

The Application Process

While online applications are often several pages long, it only takes a few minutes to fill out each page. So, what kind of information do you need to provide for most applications?

Like most forms, whether it’s for a job or a doctor’s visit, an application for a no-fax payday loan or cash advance will ask you for your name and contact information — home address, daytime phone number, evening phone number and email address. A faxless application will also obtain your employment information, how much you’re paid and if you have an active bank account. You may also be asked if you use online banking and direct deposit.

For many faxless payday loans or cash advances, credit checks are not required. That means many more hardworking people are eligible for this kind of financial relief, even for those that may have bad credit or no credit at all.

The Benefits of a Faxless Loan

More than anything, a no-fax payday loan or cash advance is convenient and quick.

The online application speeds up the approval process and you get your money faster. In many cases, you can even get the cash in as little as 30 minutes after you apply.

What’s more, you save time by not having to wait in line at a payday loan store. If you have an emergency that requires getting cash fast, do you really have the time to wait? When you need financial help to get you through an unexpected rough patch, choose a faxless payday loan or cash advance for unparalleled convenience and speed.

Apply today through our easy online application and we’ll help you get the cash you need.