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Budgeting for Back to School

Summer is (sadly) starting to come to an end, and that can only mean one thing – It’s nearly time for back to school! While this time of the year can be exciting for children, if financial situations are not ideal, it can be a stressful time for parents.

Thankfully, there are several ways to make the process of getting ready for back to school much easier! In this Speedy Cash blog post, we will explore some budget-friendly ideas that will make both parents and students happy.

Take Inventory

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement that comes along with back to school shopping. There is a common mentality that with a new school year comes a new you, and for many, it’s viewed as an opportunity to shell out cash for new clothes, supplies, and the like. What’s important to remember is – what do you already have on hand that can easily be reused for the upcoming year? Many necessities can easily be used time and time again, such as backpacks, lunch bags, and supplies like scissors and pens.

A great way to start would be to make a list of what is required by the teacher, what you have left over from previous school years, and what you need to purchase new. By having a visual it will be easier to keep track of how much you may need to spend once to being your shopping.

You may be pleasantly surprised by how little you have to purchase once you take note of what’s been stashed in junk drawers of buried inside pencil cases!

Invest in Quality over Quantity

It’s no surprise that kids are often tough on their school gear; zippers get snagged, jeans are ripped, water bottles break – in short, life happens! When this is the case, it’s a wise decision to invest in quality items to reduce the chance of having to buy replacements year after year. (Or in some cases, month after month.)

While spending more on certain items may seem counterintuitive when trying to stick within a budget, if something such as a backpack can last two or three years it can be a huge savings in the long run. As a bonus, the money that you would’ve spent on a replacement the next year can be allocated to other items that may have been outgrown, such as clothes and shoes.

Another good thing to look for when investing in bigger ticket items is what the manufacturer’s warranty may be. Companies that boast high quality often stand behind their products with warranties that promise free replacements or repairs if something were to happen, making that slightly higher price tag worth it.

Savvy Shopping

Of course, one of the easiest ways to save money while shopping for school supplies is to find sales. The weeks leading up to Back to School is littered with deals on everything from erasers to electronics. Even discounts on those previously mentioned quality items can be found if you scour fliers and online retailers carefully.

Back to school shopping is a great way to teach your children the value of a dollar, especially older children that may be focused more on what is trendy than what’s budget-friendly. A smart way to help them realize this is to allow them to spend up to a certain amount on whatever they want, but once the cash is gone, there is no more. To make sure they don’t spend all their budget on name-brand shoes or leggings, only give them a percentage of their budget, that way they are still able to buy a less pricy pair of jeans or shirts to replace what they may have worn out or outgrown.

Another great place to find deals on school supplies is the mighty dollar store! Many of these locations will have brand-name pens, pencils, and other art supplies for less than their big box competitors.

Speedy Cash is Here for You!

We know that the stress of back to school shopping can be overwhelming, especially in these unprecedented times. That’s why at Speedy Cash we’re ready to help you get the cash you need for whatever back to school may bring your way. You can apply online anytime at, or visit one of our 20 locations across Canada for a fast and simple payday loan!

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Speedy Cash Canada wishes everyone a happy, safe, and healthy return to school! We’re here for you, because life doesn’t always wait until payday.