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How Mobile Apps Can Help You Budget

Here’s an eye-opening statistic: One in three Canadians live paycheck to paycheck. If you’re someone who falls into this category and struggles to get ahead, budgeting can help you track expenses, curb spending and keep more money in your wallet each month. 

Of course, making a budget and actually living with a budget are two very different things. To make a budget work, it has to fit your life, be easy to follow and stay top-of-mind. If you’re serious about saving money and paying down debt, consider downloading a mobile budgeting app. Here’s how they can help you make – and stick to – a budget. 

They’re Convenient 

If a budget is hard to use, hard to find or too complicated to understand, it’s probably not a budget you’re going to stick to in the long run. Forget complex spreadsheets and paper budgets. With a budget app on your phone, you can easily bring your budget with you everywhere you go. And with spending information at your fingertips, you can make better purchasing decisions along the way. 

They’re Easy to Use 

Once you’ve done the initial setup, which includes linking bank accounts and credit cards and providing income/expenses, a budgeting app continuously syncs your finance information. Whenever you want a real-time picture of where you stand with your budget, simply open the app. It’s all right there. 

They Keep You Organized 

Do you have multiple checking and savings accounts? Several credit cards? No problem. Budgeting apps allow you to manage multiple accounts all in one place. One simple platform shows you where your money is going, how much money you have left to spend and what you need to do to keep your spending under control.   

They Help You Track Spending 

Here’s how to start saving money: know where your money goes. It’s hard to remember what you spent last week. It’s even harder to remember what you spent last month. A budgeting app shows you exactly where you spend your cash, giving you an eye-opening look at your purchasing habits.  

They Offer Helpful Advice 

From money-saving tips to budgeting tips, budget apps have a ton of tools available to help you manage your finances. There are tools that show you where you can trim spending. There are tools that highlight credit card and bank fees. You can even run special reports to see how much you spend on things like gas, restaurants, credit card payments, etc. The more you know, the more control you have over your cash.   

Online Payday Loans 

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