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Jump into Saving this Summer

With winter out of our sights, Canadians across the country are preparing for summer vacations! Many of us may feel the pressure to join the masses and go on a lavish vacation during the summer, but sometimes financial restraints hinder our ability to get away.

Regardless of your situation, there are still plenty of ways to have an enjoyable summer vacation while not breaking the bank. Staycations are becoming immensely popular and make you feel like you’re living large without the additional costs of airfares and hotels! Not sure how to plan one? Here are some useful tips to get you started:

Create a Budget

Budget-making is key when it comes to planning any vacation, near or far. Staycations don’t have to be extravagant – activities that are financial comfortable for you and/or your family can still be exciting and feel like you’re “getting away from it all.”

For a stress-free method to create a vacation budget, start by compiling a list of activities you would like to do – get the whole family involved! Think of activities everyone can enjoy or survey your family members to see what they’d like to do. Planning together adds to the excitement and takes the pressure off not travelling far during the summer as everyone will have something special to look forward to. Once you have a solid list of things you’d like to see or do, you can better plan a budget.

Find the Fun

You may be surprised by how inexpensive some activities can be, if not free!

Many businesses have special discounts and deals for tourists during the summer, but that doesn’t mean they don’t apply to locals! As a Staycationer you can enjoy all the deals without the extra costs of travel. Visit your local tourist information centre as they often have a list of activities to do in the area.

Some budget-friendly ideas include packing a picnic and heading to a local park for a day, or window shopping in your hometown’s retail district. Another inexpensive/cost-free activity that’s gaining popularity is Geocaching! Kids love the excitement of looking for “treasure” and adults love that it’s relatively free and gets everyone outside exploring.

Look for Deals

As previously mentioned, many businesses may have specials available during the summer months. There are also plenty of online options as well to find summer deals, such as Facebook, Groupon or Perkopolis. Get your social bubble together and find a group rate for local attractions!

Another thing to think about – travel during the week! Rates are generally lower between Monday and Thursday, so if possible, make you reservations for those days. Some attractions, such as golf, also have lower rates during their quieter hours, like early mornings or later afternoons. If your vacation has some flexibility, you can save big!

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