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Making Christmas Memories on a Budget

The holiday season is upon us once again, and while the usual holidays festivities may look drastically different this year due to the ongoing global pandemic, it doesn’t mean that your spirits should be dampened and memories can’t be made because of budget restraints. In this post, we’ll explore a plethora of ideas to keep things fun SPeedy

Did you know you can find “FREE”-dom outsideThere are plenty of things to do that cost next to nothing if you just venture outdoorsHere are a few examples to get you started on your adventures: 

Tour Christmas lights 

This year, studies have shown that more people are putting up displays of Christmas lights to help bring joy to their communities during the ongoing pandemic. Gather your household into your vehicle one evening and take a tour of the light displays in your neighbourhoodWant to add some extra fun? Download a Christmas Lights Bingo card and see how many squares you can cross off! 

Have a Bonfire 

Get your bubble together for a safe and socially distanced hot dog and marshmallow roast! Nothing will warm your heart more than toasted marshmallows by the fire and hot chocolate! (Just be sure to check your local regulations before having a bonfire first!) 

Go Caroling 

Find the lyrics to your favourite holiday songs and get out and bring some cheer to your neighbourhood with this timeless tradition! Regardless of whether you’ve had vocal training or not, caroling is something even the youngest of children can easily take part in, plus you only have to travel up and down your street. 

Get snowy 

Sometimes, Mother Nature gives us the best free gifts! Head outside after the snow has fallen and partake in all the fun activities it can bring our way. From building snowmen to having snowball fights, there’s no shortage of free outside! 

We know that not everyone is keen to go outside during the winter months, and that’s okay! There are plenty of inexpensive or free ways to enjoy the holidays while staying cozy and warm: 

Have a movie marathon 

Start a family tradition in watching your favourite Christmas movies in one day. Let each person in your household choose their favourite festive film and then draw names to see which movie gets watched first! 

Have a Slumber Party 

If you have little ones at home, what would be more fun than having a slumber party by the Christmas tree? Set up “camp” in front of the tree and let your kids sleep by the light of the tree! You could even roll this activity in with a movie marathon for a weekend-long event! (Just no eating popcorn in bed!) 

Get Baking Virtually

Many provincial regulations currently prohibit getting together with others, making getting together to celebrate difficult. Which so many video chat programs available to use for free, why not gather virtually for a fun baking session or dinner party? Preplan so everyone has the same ingredients, then bake or cook at the same time! Compare and judge your results after you’re done – who burnt the cookies or dried out their roast – and prepare for laughs! 

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The team at Speedy Cash would like to wish every one of you Happy Holidays and all the best in the new year! We cannot wait to continue to assist you when you need cash – fast!