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Spring Break on a Budget

After those long, Canadian winter months, Spring Break is always a welcome retreat for children and adults alike. However, with high inflation rates and costs of living, figuring out how to make the most of your vacation time can be difficult. 

Planning your vacation shouldn’t be stressful – nor should it break the bank. Here are a few cost-savvy ways to enjoy Spring Break without worrying. 

Plan a Staycation

Spring Break is so frequently associated with warm getaways to sunny destinations, but for many, this just isn’t financially feasible. Instead of packing up and breaking the bank on airfare, plan out the perfect Staycation at home. 

Try planning themed evenings at home with your family, like a Mexican Fiesta, for example, complete with a DIY taco station, salsa music and movies. Check out your local dollar stores for fun decorations, and it will nearly feel like you’re there! 

If you love the hotel experience, check out local hotels for “Resident’s” discounts; many hotels offer special discounts for those who already live in the area, so you can take advantage of all the amenities hotels offer, like indoor pools and freshly changed sheets every day, without worrying about whether or not you remembered the sunscreen. 

BYOG – Bring Your Own Groceries

Daily meals are often overlooked when planning out-of-town getaways, and the costs of eating meals at restaurants can add up! A family of four can easily spend upwards of $250 per day on breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snacking throughout the day can rack up the bill even more. Add in gratuities and your food bill has skyrocketed! 

When planning your trip, explore your hotel options that include complimentary breakfasts, and have small refrigerators and/or microwaves in the room. Then, when you arrive at your destination, hit up a local grocery store to stock up on items that are easy to prep and pack away for a day at the beach, such as deli meats for sandwiches, snacks, and beverages. If you average out how many meals you can make yourself, you may find that you’re saving $100s of dollars! 

Plan Out Your Days

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of doing everything on a whim, but planning ahead is a simple way to save. By doing so, you can avoid overspending on activities that might not be what you expected.  

If there’s something you’re dying to do, check out reviews from other travellers to find the best bang for your buck, and avoid that disappointed feeling of having wasted your money.  

Using websites such as Groupon or LivingSocial can help you find the best deals possible no matter where you’re going. 

Another money-saving plan – Check out the websites of attractions and sign up for their newsletters ahead of time – you never know when a special deal may be sent out to “Subscribers Only!” You may find yourself surfing the waves for 25% less than the original cost – allowing your vacation dollars to stretch even further. 

Online Payday Loans

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