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Times are Tough – Speedy Cash is Here for You

As Canada and the rest of the world does what it can to flatten the curve and lessen the transmission of COVID-19, we at Speedy Cash Canada want to let all of any future and current customers that we, too, are pitching in.

With growing global media coverage, you may be aware of COVID-19 (also known as “Coronavirus”). While developments on the spread of the virus is constantly changing, we understand the concerns that may come along with this outbreak. In this case, we want to assure you that Speedy Cash Canada, as a team, is taking action to keep our staff and customers safe.

During this time, we want to remind our customers of the following measures we already have in place:

We offer Email Money Transfers. This offers less money-handling for both Speedy Cash Canada employees and you, the customer. Not only does this provide less human contact, but your cash gets deposited right into your bank account and is ready to be put towards anything you need it to.

We offer a physical glass barrier between employees and customers. The glass barrier at each wicket in all Speedy Cash Canada stores is the perfect way to allow for proper social distancing between our staff and our customers.

Hand sanitizer is available in stores. All stores typically have hand sanitizer out on wicket counters. We encourage our customers to sanitize their hands before touching any other surfaces to help stop the spread of germs.

Limited Capacity. Some stores have limited the number of people allowed inside at one time. This is to allow proper social distancing while inside discussing your loan with our CSRs. Remember – if lining up outside, remember to keep 2 meters (about 2 arm lengths) away from others!

Don’t forget, you can always Apply Online! If you visit Speedy Cash Canada’s website you can apply for a payday loan online! Visit our link here and our Online Lending staff will be happy to assist you. And did you know you can log right into your account and check on the status of your loan? There is also a convenient Chat feature so you can talk LIVE with an Online Customer Service Representative!

For more information on how to maintain proper social distancing, the Government of Canada has provided a great infographic:

If we all work together, we can beat this and get back to what we enjoy most in life: family, friends, and fresh air!