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Get Child Tax Loans Online or in Person Today

Child Tax Loans Loans | Speedy Cash 

It’s reasonable to say that children are….expensive! For at least the first 18 years of their lives, as parents, we are the ones looking after our children’s daily expenses. If it’s not diapers and formula, it’s clothing, sports and cell phone bills. If it’s not extra school curriculars, it’s braces, summer camps and growing bodies to clothe. Knowing that children are expensive is why Speedy Cash offers Child Tax loans online and Child Tax cash loans! From diapers to school supplies, Speedy Cash is here to help make these things happen, and quickly! Borrowing against Child Tax Credit online and in-store is easy and quick; you’ll receive cash-in-hand or via e-transfer straight to your bank account. Find out below if you qualify for a Child Tax payday loan.  

We offer quick and easy, same-day Child Tax Credit payday loans, ranging from $200 – $1500 for whatever you need. Speedy Cash is here to serve you in times of need, and to facilitate all customers who are looking for a quick and easy financial solution.     

Here’s what you need to apply for a Child Tax Payday Loan with Speedy Cash:  

  • One piece of government issued photo ID 
  • Blank personal cheque and/or pre-authorized debit form 
  • 60-day bank statement from date of application 
  • Proof of address 
  • Most recent pay stub 
  • Loan requirements may vary by store location. Please contact your nearest branch to confirm what you will need. 

Speedy Cash has 20 conveniently placed locations across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia. All locations are happy to assist you with your Child Tax Credit loans in-store, or online. All locations are open Monday – Saturday, with some open on Sunday – please check your nearest location to confirm. Apply for a Child Tax Credit Loan online by starting your application HERE.