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Instant Cash Payday Loans In Alberta

If you’re looking for a Personal or Payday Loan in Alberta, look no further than Speedy Cash! With 2 locations in Alberta, Speedy Cash has been serving Alberta since 2001. Proudly Canadian-operated, offering customers fast and friendly Payday Loans and Cheque Cashing services. Speedy Cash also offers convenient Online Payday Loans through an efficient Online Lending store, allowing customers to borrow from the comfort of their home. Speedy Cash Alberta is happy to welcome new and existing customers – we are here to help! Payday Loans Available in Alberta

Personal Loans Alberta - Secure a personal loan in Alberta for your unique financial needs. Whether consolidating debt or funding a large purchase, our personal loans provide a tailored solution. With straightforward terms and flexible repayment options, managing your loan is stress-free.

Cash Loans Alberta - When you need cash quickly, our cash loans in Alberta offer a swift solution. Perfect for those unexpected expenses, our cash loans get you the funds you need without the wait, ensuring you can handle life’s surprises.

Cheque Cashing Alberta - Turn your cheques into cash instantly with our cheque-cashing services in Alberta. Avoid bank hold times and access your money immediately, whether it’s a paycheck or a government cheque.

Online Payday Loans Alberta - Our online payday loans in Alberta offer the ultimate convenience. Apply from anywhere, anytime, and get quick approval for your loan. It’s the ideal solution for fast-paced lifestyles.

Child Tax Loans Alberta - Leverage your future child tax credits today with our child tax loans in Alberta. Get advance access to your benefits when you need it most, providing you with financial support aligned with your family’s needs.

Short-Term Loans Alberta - For those moments when you need a financial bridge, our short-term loans in Alberta are perfect. Get funds quickly and repay them quickly, keeping your financial plans on track.

Pension Loans Alberta - Pensioners in Alberta aren’t left out. Our pension loans provide a way to use your future pension today, ensuring you have the funds to enjoy your retirement without worry.

Emergency Loans Alberta - Urgent financial needs require urgent solutions. Our emergency loans in Alberta are designed to provide quick financial aid for those unexpected situations that demand immediate attention.

Vacation Loans Alberta - Fund your dream escape with our vacation loans in Alberta. Don’t let finances hold you back from the break you deserve; our vacation loans can help turn your travel dreams into reality.

E-transfer Loans Alberta - Need funds in a flash? Our e-transfer payday loans in Alberta provide a fast and secure way to get your loan directly to your bank account, ensuring you have the funds you need as quickly as possible.

Payday Loans in Alberta with No Credit Check Required

Navigating financial needs in Alberta has never been easier with our no credit check payday loans. Our online payday loans Alberta services offer 24/7 availability, providing instant loans without the wait or worry of credit history scrutiny. Opt for e-transfer payday loans in Alberta for immediate funds transfer or take advantage of our no refusal payday loans Alberta offers to ensure you get the help you need. With our child tax loans Alberta and emergency loans Alberta options, even unexpected financial needs are covered, giving you peace of mind without impacting your credit score.

For those in Alberta seeking financial assistance without the stress of a credit check, Speedy Cash offers a trustworthy and efficient solution. Our range of financial services, from online payday loans to e-transfer payday loans, is designed to meet your needs quickly and conveniently. Whether you require emergency funds, a boost until payday, or a quick cash advance, our no credit check approach ensures you can access the necessary resources easily and securely. Speedy Cash is your source of financial support, ensuring you can navigate life’s financial challenges.


Store Locations in Alberta

Payday Loans in Lethbridge

404-D Mayor Magrath Drive North, T1H 6H7, Alberta

Payday Loans in Grande Prairie

103-10012 99th Avenue , T8V 0R9, Alberta