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Cheque Cashing Services in Canada

Cheque Cashing | Speedy Cash 

If you don’t have a bank account, or if your bank account requires long holding times before giving you your hard-earned money, it’s time to say bye-bye to banks and hello to Speedy Cash! Why wait days to receive your money from a traditional bank when you can have cash in your hand in moments? Whether it’s a paycheque, government cheque, insurance, money order or many other types of cheques, you can feel confident knowing that your hard-earned money will be paid to you when you need it – NOW!

In addition to the convenience of cashing cheques with Speedy Cash, you’ll also love the fact that we offer the lowest rates in the industry.  We charge just $3.50 plus 3.50% of the cheque.* That means more money goes directly into your pocket!

Conveniently Located

We make cheque cashing easy, by offering 20 conveniently placed locations across B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia. You can enjoy service from Monday – Saturday at all locations, with select locations open on Sunday – please check your nearest location to confirm.**

If you need access to your hard-earned cash fast, look no further than your local Speedy Cash location. Walk in with your cheque, and walk out with your cash in hand.

* For bank-issued drafts, the maximum value cashed per individual is $999.99 in a 24 hour period. For bank-issued money orders, the maximum value cashed per individual is $999.99 in a 24 hour period.
** Cheque-cashing available at select Speedy Cash locations. Please check with your nearest location to confirm available services.