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Instant Cash Payday Loans In Saskatchewan

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, unexpected events happen, and you may need financial support. If you need a personal or payday loan in Saskatchewan, look no further than Speedy Cash! Speedy Cash has been proudly serving the people of Saskatchewan since 2000. We have over six branches in the area. As a proudly Canadian-operated company, we are committed to offering our customers fast and friendly Payday Loans and cheque-cashing services 

We also provide the convenience of online payday loans through our efficient Online Lending store. This allows our customers to borrow money at any time, making the process even more convenient and accessible. 

Whether you are a new customer or have been with us, Speedy Cash is dedicated to assisting you with your financial needs.  

Speedy Cash offers the following Cash Payday Loan services in Saskatchewan: 

E-Transfer Payday Loans in Saskatchewan

Payday is a week away, and a medical emergency happened in the middle of the night. But here’s the problem - most traditional loan services in Saskatchewan are closed. Don’t lose hope, though. With Speedy Cash, you can access our E-Transfer Payday Loans in Saskatchewan anytime, anywhere. Yes, that’s right! Whether it’s on a weekend or in the middle of the night, we are here to help you. We understand that financial emergencies happen at any time; that’s why we are committed to providing a convenient and hassle-free solution.  

What’s more, you don’t need to worry about credit checks! 

When you visit one of our physical stores, you need to submit several documents, such as a bank statement and a recent pay stub. However, the approval process is faster and easier if you borrow money using our E-Transfer Payday Loans. Once you’re qualified, funds are sent directly to your bank account. It’s that easy! 

Cash Advance Loan in Saskatchewan

Sudden car repair or unpaid bills? Don’t worry; Speedy Cash has your back. Our Cash Advance Loans can be your financial lifesaver. It’s a solution to your short-term financial needs. Whether you need cash for rent or back-to-school essentials for your kids, you can rely on our Cash Advance Loans. Over the years, we’ve been happy to help many Canadians with their financial struggles.  

To apply for a Cash Advance Loan, you need to submit the following: 

  • One government-issued photo ID 
  • Proof of address 
  • 60-day bank statement from date of application 
  • Most recent pay stub 

Note: Requirements may vary from store to store. Please contact our nearest branch to confirm what you need. 

Short-Term Loans in Saskatchewan

Urgent expenses come up when we least expect them. We understand that sometimes, unexpected bills can’t wait. But don’t worry, if you need urgent cash and intend to pay after a short time, we’ve got you covered with our short-term Loans in Saskatchewan. We can help cover urgent expenses until your next payday.  

Are you worried about your bad credit? We understand that everyone can face financial difficulties and believe in giving everyone a fair chance. That’s why our Short-Term Loans in Saskatchewan require no credit check! 

Store Locations in Saskatchewan

Payday Loans in North Battleford

1185 101 Street , S9A 0Z5, Saskatchewan

Payday Loans in Yorkton

316 Broadway Street West , S3N 0N6, Saskatchewan

Payday Loans in Saskatoon

5-1601 22nd Street West , S7M 0T2, Saskatchewan

Payday Loans in Regina

364 Albert Street North , S4R 3C1, Saskatchewan

Payday Loans in Prince Albert

139 15th Street East , S6V 1G1, Saskatchewan

Payday Loans in Moose Jaw

907 Main Street North, S6H 0W9, Saskatchewan