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Payday Loans in Manitoba

Simple, Fast Payday Loans in Manitoba

We all know that life doesn’t always wait until payday. Financial challenges can happen to anyone, anytime. We’ve all been there — an unexpected car repair, the hot water tank quit, or a medical emergency can really throw a kink in finances. These kinds of life events can leave us feeling strained with payday still being too far away. That’s when Speedy Cash can help! With 20 store locations across Canada and an Online Lending department ready to help 24/7, we can assist you until your next payday. Proudly operated in Canada, Speedy Cash offers customers fast and friendly Online Payday Loan services through an efficient Online Lending store, allowing customers to borrow from the comfort of home. 

Speedy Cash is happy to welcome any new and existing customers — we’re here to help! Services offered at Speedy Cash include: Personal Loans, Cash Loans, Payday Loans, Online Payday Loans, Child Tax Loans, Pension Loans, Emergency Loans, Vacation Loans and E-transfer Loans to name a few. 

We’re excited to be offering our fast and convenient Payday Loan services to the great province of Manitoba, from Winnipeg and the Pembina Valley to Churchill, Thompson and more. 

To learn more about your rights as a payday loan borrower, contact the Consumers’ Bureau at 945-3800, 1-800-782-0067 or at